2. It started in 2012. Was AirBnB even around in 2012?

Living in these times means I can look at past texts, the calendar on my phone, emails, pictures, credit card statements, anything under the sun to try to put a timeline together. I can look at the list of past therapy sessions and doctor appointments, and remember what I was trying to accomplish or work through, and that triggers more memories of what the last year was like.

I want to say this story begins in May of 2022. Then – I remember it goes back further, to Christmas of 2021. Then…I accept that it goes way, way back. Let’s say it goes back to 2010-ish.

In 2010, I was 38, married with two small children (boy mom, yay!).  And my marriage to their dad wasn’t doing well. Nobody’s fault. (That’s a lie. It was completely his fault. It was completely my fault, too.) We tried therapy, we tried a trial separation, we tried trying harder. We didn’t make much progress and it got to where we had the difficult conversation with the boys that “mommy and daddy get along better when we aren’t in the same bedroom.” Just. Ugh.

Life was kind of #complicated through 2011. But what I didn’t know was it would get worse – much worse. Because in May of 2012, I got a call at work that would forever change my life, and the lives of the boys, who were then ages six and eight. Tim, beloved by sooo many but especially by his sons, had a heart attack while driving to work. Single-car crash.

He was gone. Forever.

Tim. Beloved dad. The boys, before the catastrophe.

Ok, that’s not heavy. Yes, it is. Here’s the FB post from that awful day:

Sorry about that. But, I share this with you because later, this event is going to come back up and it plays very much into why we began doing AirBnB , actually, in 2023.

I’m going to “trust the process” when I write and share these posts, and I believe they will come together in a way that will make sense soon. Maybe not today. But soon. Pinky promise.



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