1. Flying blind.

I’m going to share it all here. The mistakes, especially. I mean, it’s obvious – we all know that it isn’t easy to forge a path and then find out the map you are using has to be buried, maybe forever.

I had a plan. I totally had a plan. And then – in a sweeping, heartbreaking, hopeful moment of clarity, I realized the plan had to die.

So, I killed it.

And now, I forge ahead (without a map) with a new, crazy-messy, wild, bizarre journey. A journey that is also brilliant and thrilling, a journey that meant inadvertently becoming an AirBnB host, an accidental real estate investor with a very stressed soul who had to practice radical candor with herself, who put on her tactical gear, and who is figuring it the hell out.

Welcome to my story.


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  1. Mary June, I can’t wait to read more…love the subject but even more your journey…

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